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Dear Reader,

Just minutes from now, you can begin amassing your own 6 or 7 figure a year portfolio following the lead of the internet’s greenest newbies.

That may sound a little crazy, I know.  So let me explain.


"Stands Heads And Tails Above The Rest...."

I have bought over 50,000.00 in SEO, website building, video marketing, backlinking, Facebook Marketing, and Mark Dulisse's Tubefool and Dominating Video stands heads and tails above the rest. He takes you step by step layed out easily and functionally so you can start marketing with video immediately and feel confident in what your doing.

His Tubefool product is unbelievable. Most products lose steam in terms of quality or effectiveness and Mark keeps it up to date and better performing with each release. Take if from me, I did 300,000.00 in my market last 2 years and have spent lots of money honing my craft and Mark stands above the rest!

- Buster Grant

It was the beginning of December 2010 when a well known and widely respected internet marketer first started using this new system that had just been completed by their programming team after tens of thousands of dollars of investment and months of blood, sweat and tears.

The morning of the first test, their office looked and felt like the Nasa Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida.

Just like the launch of a Space Rocket, the first test of this wicked software tool had a lot riding on it...

Would it sputter on the launch pad and fizzle out before it even got off the ground?

Would it painfully achieve lift off only to be blown to smithereens mere moments later?

Or would it flawlessly take to the air like a modern day marvel of engineering?

While it may make for a more compelling story to say that success was instantaneous, the truth is it wasn’t.

But it wasn’t far from the truth either, as a couple more hours of testing, tweaking and programming was all it needed to achieve near perfect working order.

Then the launch button was pushed again:

Phase 1 completed at a blazing speed, far faster than anticipated...

Phase 2 began mere minutes later...

And then our Internet Marketing mad scientists just sat and watched as the traffic started to pour...

And this is not one of those stories where it barely worked at first and then turned into a landslide...


In fact the very hour that Phase 2 was set into motion, a steady stream of perfectly targeted, devoutly interested visitors started to flow...

And it hasn’t stopped since.

But the most shocking part of the whole experiment was not the oodles of free traffic these two marketers could now tap into, nor the fast and furious commissions and sales they could generate while the program silently ran in the background on their computer.

The most shocking thing was that Total Green Newbies...  The Greenest of the Green - Guys and girls that had never made a cent, built a site, generated even a single website visitor were getting the same exact results as the seasoned professionals.

I hate to write this down with such binding certainty, but the simple truth is that every single person that applied the system got the same results.

No matter what race or color they were, no matter their background or education and no matter their financial or economic status, they all got the same results:

Thousands and thousands of new cash in hand visitors, specifically targeted across hundreds and even thousands of lucrative desirable niches answered the signal sent out by the software and instantly made their way to where they had been summoned – signing up where they should, buying loads of product, and taking action...

Now if I heard this very same message from just about anybody, my first reflex would be to call “bullsh*t!”

The promises of magical push button software abound, and more often than not, they are made by unscrupulous characters with a predatory drive for other people’s money.

However, this one is different, and I won’t ask you to take my word for it.

You see ... I happen to be one of the 2 mad scientists from the true events recounted above.

And before we continue for even one minute, I’m going to make you a formal promise.

Here is what that promise is:

Before I ask you even think about investing a single penny of your money or a single inkling of belief, this presentation will have provided you with something for which there is no substitute:

Absolute and total...

Hi, my name is Mark Dulisse and I’m a 45 year old internet marketer from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

My office is at home and I love it.

Since 2009, me and my company have trained over 20,000 internet marketers with the most cutting edge tools and strategies for making massive income on the internet (and the incredible success stories from our clients abound, but more on that in a bit).

We now employ people across the world, all dedicated to creating and innovating the best strategies, tools and knowledge to help individuals and small businesses make a killing online.

A large number of our personnel is dedicated to supporting our clients in these endeavours...

We have made a bundle and so have our clients...

And I’m telling you this because few people attack internet marketing education and solutions with as much passion and gusto as me.

And this is important because it means we know the market place like the back of our hand.

Here is what that means to you:

We know all too well the booby traps set for you by so-called gurus just trying to make a buck.

We know that all those half-truths and false promises may have damaged your faith in internet marketing – how could it not.

And I also know that you must be sick and tired of so-called magic software that supposedly creates miracles out of thin air.

And so here is what I promise you:

  • Before you see an enrolment form, you will know exactly what the software is, what it does, how it works and how it makes money.  None of this “pay me now and find out later” kind of crap.  I will show you in detail exactly how it works and even provide a full on demonstration in live time. Full disclosure up front.

  • Every fact, case study and endorsement on this page is verified and real. Our reputation depends on it.

  • The suggested results are based on hundreds of hours of research, verification and 100s of real user cases.

That said, let me introduce the system to you from all angles, at its best and at its worst so that you can see for yourself the wicked advantage you could immediately have in your hands.

But first, some critical words of wisdom from the Prince of Print, Gary Halbert, one of the most ingenious and agile wealth creating marketers ever to ever walk this earth.

Gary (who passed away in 2007) was extremely fond of creating an incredibly important paradigm shift in his audiences with the following analogy.

Here is how he did it:

First he asked the audience to imagine that they had a gun to their head and that shining in this decision was a life or death matter.

Then he asked them to make this decision.

He asked them what they would choose as their biggest advantage if they had a hot dog cart full of hot dogs which they had to sell by day’s end...or else.

And the typical answers ranged from a huge advertising budget to gourmet meats and condiments, to lower prices...

And Gary would say...

Wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Because all those approaches depend on creating desire in the target audience when you could simply use something else, something much more powerful to reach your ends: the already existing desire of...

And this is exactly what I propose you do to quite simply make it rain on virtually instant notice.

Imagine waltzing your hot dog cart straight into a starving crowd. Price wouldn’t matter.  Advertising would be useless... in fact the only thing that would matter is...

How fast you can fill the orders.

Now imagine if there were one place in the world where you could come into contact with any type of hungry audience at the flick of a few buttons, and then land your hot dog cart smack in the middle of it.

That would almost certainly produce the desired effect...

  • Folks that want to lose weight
  • People that want to make more money
  • Those that want to fix their credit
  • Arthritis or yeast infection sufferers
  • People who want to train their dogs or get a second education

No matter the hunger, there is an audience for it here.

No matter the audience, they can be reached with pinpoint accuracy, near instant speed and close to zero cost in time, money or work...

It sounds almost too easy, and truth be told, it is.

But only because the masses don’t realize it yet.

And that is why if you have a single iota of desire to make uncommonly large sums of money with uncommon ease, there is not a second to waste in channelling this very timely turn of events...

  • Build a list of 10,000 subscribers in under 5 minutes (demo below)

  • Make 5 thousand friends in 2 minutes or less

  • Reach 2316 targeted unique visitors per day

  • Set up a $45/day income stream in 21 minutes, and do this as often as you want

And this doesn’t just work for beginners.

Even world class experts in their disciplines with massive credibility and advertising budgets choose to do things this way because it works better and costs next to nothing to execute.

And what this allows them to do is tap into the 3rd or 4th (depending on who you ask) largest and most traffic heavy websites in the world.

One where thousands of hungry audiences (hundreds of millions of monthly visitors) congregate to get their “fix”.

As you may have already guessed, the URL of that website is youtube.com.

Here is what’s next:

  1. First I’m going to show you some incredible youtube tricks and perhaps the single most profitable secret on the internet right now.

  2. Then I’m going to show you how TubeFool exploits this and other loopholes.

  3. I will show you that in 2 distinct waysFirst the transactional way, so that if all you want is an extra $45-200 a day without doing much work, you can do exactly that.

  4. Then I will show you the full fledged business way so that if you are aiming to do more than collect easy affiliate commissions, you can put the true and full power of the system to work for you... Sound fair enough?

So for now, let’s start with youtube, or more specifically,

That’s exactly what happened in 2006 according to Adage who reported that Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty got more hits from youtube marketing than from running a full Super Bowl ad... (since then traffic has more than tripled!)

And how about the fact that youtube contributed hugely to getting Obama elected, or the fact that he, the most powerful man in the universe chooses to run his own channel to reach his constituents.

Or even that he gave one of his first addresses as a Presidential Elect on Youtube specifically:

And make no mistake, cutting edge businesses like Sony, Bloomberg, MGM Studios, Newsweek and even the NBA have done the very same, smartly moving some of their money to this new and explosive source of eyeballs and mass influence...

Just check out these stats as reported by Viralblog and you’ll plainly see why:

    • Exceeds 2 Billion views per day

    • 94 of the top 100 Advertising Agencies top advertisers have run campaigns
      on youtube

    • More content is uploaded to youtube every 60 days than in the last
      60 years on all major US tv networks combined

    • Youtube videos are among the most consumed content even outside
      of youtube, like myspace, facebook, social networks and independant
      sites and blogs

Truly there may never have been a massive traffic source so ripe for the picking and there may never be another one like it...

13 year old teenagers making low quality videos from their mom’s basement routinely get 1 million or more visitors.

10 million visitors isn’t even anything to brag about since so many achieve those results without even trying...

... Without tools or methods.

So just imagine what you could do with a tool that does the work of 100 or 1000 men, working for you tirelessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life (as long as you don’t turn off your computer)...

So now you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Youtube is full to the brim with hot and ready traffic.

But it gets better. This is the secret I was telling you about earlier...

Massive cliché alert.

You have almost certainly heard that the money is in the list.

This is just plain common sense and I won’t bore you with it.

I myself have lists of over 150k subscribers and if I lost every single other asset in my business including my office, my money and my staff, I could still move to the Caribbean and live like a playboy for several years just through the emails sent to said lists.

I protect those lists like a Rottweiler does her babies.

That list, and any other targeted subscriber list segregated by interests and desires are worth vast sums of money.

Very simply do this.

Go to youtube on any given day and type in a big fat keyword.

Not something long tail and obscure like most gurus would have you do, but a big juicy commercial keyword worth a fortune. For instance:

You will get a page or results that looks like this:

As you can see, all the top results have around 300,000 or more views.

Now click on one of the usernames to the right of one of the video thumbnail images.  That will take you to that person’s youtube channel, which will look something like this:

Now feast your eyes on this:


Now if I click that number (173475 subscribers at the time of writing), it gives me a full view of page after page after page of hot, interested, niche targeted prospects.



And the demo of that is coming right up.

First though, let me just prove a point.

This is not just for weight loss or bodybuilding.  You will find that the exact same thing is true for every decent size niche out there, from learn guitar to make money online:

(these are real screenshots from just 2 of the top channels in those categories)

Now as you can see, both of those channels have had over half a million free visitors...

And each of them has over 25 thousand loyal subscribers.

And so I promised you a demonstration of tubefool harvesting a list, do a friend request, post comments on channels.....right now before your very eyes.

Just click play on the video to watch for yourself:


As you can see, I clicked 3 buttons and just let the software run its magic.  Easy as pie.

Here is what the software also allows you to do:

  • Auto-scheduling: tell the software what to do and it can work for you for MONTHS without you touching it again, passive income at its best...

  • Multi-account processing: multiply your results as many times as you want in however many niches you want

  • The spiderweb.  Once you’ve collected a user’s subscribers and friends, the software can continue to produce piles of new leads – tens of thousands of names strong- by finding commentators, related videos, and follow the thread until every single available prospect in the market is on your list

The end result is that the traffic goldmine is literally bottomless.

Even as new people come into the niche, you harvest them as you go, giving you total mindshare domination.

The power in your hands is tremendous.  You decide what people see, what information they get.

With the traffic comes the ultimate ability to make it rain, and with that ability comes riches, respect and even fame if you want it...

But for now, let’s just focus on step one...

Now I mentioned earlier that there are 2 ways to attack this.

The goal of method one is to end your money worries forever...

Method 1 I like to call, Tubefool Transactional.

The goal of this method is to get you up and earning an extra $45-200 a day as fast as humanly possible.

Here's how that works:

While the software can do so much more than this simple thing, it’s good to start here because having the extra money from these income streams will allow you to put phase 2 into effect.

It’ll also be nice to know you have that extra money coming in monthly so you can take a breather from the pressure of having to make ends meet.  And this is achievable very, very fast...

You can literally make money in 21 minutes even if you never touch it again.

Here is how:

Take an affiliate video and run it through our converter so that it shows your URL throughout, and simply configure your channel so that again, any clicks go through your affiliate link (this takes about 5 minutes to set up and we show you how).

Then harvest a list of 25k or more subscribers and simply use ONE feature of the software.

That feature is the “share video” feature.

As the name implies, that feature just allows you to share that one video that features your affiliate link in and around it.

The software will automatically send that video to the first 576 people on your list in the first 24 hours.

Then every 24 hours, it will send it to the NEXT 576 people on that list, and so on until it runs out of people to send to.

Remember, the software, once you set up the campaign as I’ve just described, runs in the background on your computer 24 hours a day, so you can literally leave for a month, come back and see all the commissions you have earned.

The only requirement is that you leave the computer running.  Don’t turn it off!

With only one campaign that way, you get 576 daily visitors to the affiliate offer of your choice (we show you how to pick the best ones).

And very often, that is enough to make a good $45 a day or more.

But wait a minute.  You can start a new campaign in a new niche any time you have 21 minutes to go through the motions and set up the automation...

Which means you could easily multiply those numbers by two, or four or ten or as many as you want income...

Just doing this one thing could end your money worries forever.

But as I mentioned, this is the low hanging fruit, easy income way.

It is also transactional, meaning that your customers buy from you once, you get the commission and everyone is happy.

The next phase, is where the real big money is made.

Phase 2: Tubefool Relational

I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but it’s important to mention that if you want to build a full fledged business with thousands of repeat buyers and tens of thousands of people hanging on your every word, you can do that too.

It’s just a different approach.

Instead of simply sending videos to hundreds of thousands of people, we use the software to send them friend requests and also ask them to subscribe to our channel.

Our users regularly add Thousands of friends and subscribers weekly using these features.

That means a few months down the road, you can have a list of prospects and influence larger large enough to make big name gurus jealous.

That kind of power means you can make it rain on command, much like I do.

Imagine having 20,000 highly targeted people (or more) each of which has signed up to be contacted and guided by you in your field of choice...

Every time you need a couple extra thousand dollars, you just send a quick message down the pipeline...

That is the true goal of this business, to be able to create massive income that stays with you for life, starts strong and grows massively over time...

In truth, this method is barely more complex than the first, but it does take just a bit more time.

However, the rewards are a king’s ransom and I will encourage you to come along with us in these spheres of higher earning as soon as your daily needs are taken care of by the Transactional method...

I trust by now you see the power of this thing.  I hope I have been fully clear as I set out to do.

The truth is, I’ve laid it all out for you.  The software, the platform and the methods...

Now the ball is in your court, and there is not a moment to waste.

I can promise you that right now, at this very moment in time, if you decide to give this a try, the results will be almost perfectly aligned with what I have described here.

This opportunity is at its summit.

As time goes by, more and more marketers and profit seekers will be turned on to this, and a year down the road, you may find that all the best places have been taken...

The internet moves fast, and its rainmakers move even faster.  This time, I have pointed out the road for you.  All you need to do is take the first step, and you will immediately know you have found your way...

All we need from you is some basic information on the priority enrolment form...

But first, let me tell you the price.

Do not see this as an expense.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is an investment, the kind that sees ROI higher than the most ingenious stock brokers can provide on their luckiest day...

And though this tool is virtually worth millions in the right hands, I am not a cold hearted elitist.  It would be silly to price the people that need this most out of the market and create another rich get richer scenario.

And so we have fixed the price at just $77, with a 10 day trial for only $1.

Yes, that’s right.  You get the whole thing.  The full software in all its glorious capacity and the full training for transactional and relational implementation.

And every other piece of information you need to be fully up and running within the next hour!

And all you will ever be asked for is $77/month (we keep this thing state of the art as if our lives depended on it).

You could make that back within you first 2 days...

But don’t just take my word for it.  Don’t allow yourself for one second to let the sneaky vampires of doubt rob this from you.

Unsolicited Email Testimonial

tube fool testimonial


Try it for yourself.  Start now and you will be fully covered by our:

You have a full month (30 days) to go through the material, and build as many income generating campaigns and as much traffic as you want.

Download it to your computer. Do one campaign or do 100. Use our secret weapons and closely guarded trade secrets and profit as much as you want.

If for any reason within those 30 days you aren't totally satisfied, we'll return every penny paid, no questions, no quibble.

Listen, we can't make this any easier for you. All the risk is on us to deliver. We are so confident you will love TubeFool and profit from it that we give you a full 30 days to try it out, the whole thing, not one single component held back.

And even if on the 23rd hour of the 30th day you decide you want to return it, we will issue you a full "stay friends" refund, no questions asked.

Listen, in this presentation so far, I've shown you beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have created a system that works to drive insane amounts of traffic and income for us, and that it can do it for you too.

We've shown you how we do it, and exposed everything from start to finish.  No blind “buy now find out later” crap.  This is the real deal.

And we're not asking you to even take our word for it

Try the system for yourself, take a full 30 days and if you're not convinced that TubeFool delivered its asking price and more, just send us an email and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Please note that the 30 day refund period starts at the beginning of the 10 day trial period.


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This is it, a pivotal moment in your online "career". You can say goodbye forever to mind numbing SEO work and websites and affiliate links that get no traffic and clicks.

You can flood your sites with thousands of Free cash in hand prospects and dominate niches with ease and reliability, no need to work yourself to death, just one session of a few minutes does the trick.

My support team and programmers are on standby. This is our baby, our goose that lays the golden eggs, and now it can be yours too.

We will be using and maintaining this killer tool state of the art for a long time to come, to reap the massive rewards this kind of traffic can create, and I hope you will be there too.

And if this works even Half as well as I say it does, the only problem you’ll have is not getting you started 6 months earlier...

Join us today, and I'll see you on the other side.


Mark Dulisse

P.S. This totally new system could get you up and earning this week. You too could be enjoying more traffic than you've ever believed possible and nearly instant flow of commisions, all with push button automation and ease that's hard to imagine before you experience it for yourself.

P.P.S. Remember that you risk nothing. With our 30 day unconditional "take it to the bank guarantee" you can try the full system for 30 days. You get everything, the software, the secret weapons, and the unadvertised bonuses. If at any time you decide it's not everything we say it is and more, just send us an email and get all your money back no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. You may have heard that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You can keep doing things the same way and getting mediocre results... but we've proven to you time and again in this presentation that we know a better way. Don't let anything get in your way, place your order today and harness the tremendous income commanding power of Tubefool today.

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button, go to the risk-free acceptance form and secure your place before this offer goes away...

Go ahead, there is no reason to wait. Don't let this slip you by. You're getting tens of thousands of dollars worth of testing and programming automation in a simple to use interface with everything you need to make a killer profit run.

Place your order now while it's fresh in your mind. Remember today you can secure your charter membership for just $77/month...

...just a drop in the bucket compared to all the money and time you will waste with ineffective systems hile instead you could start right now to be on the track that will take you to the level of traffic, rankings and niche domination you want.

Place your order now! I'm

Mark Dulisse, see you on the other side.


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